C-Energy Planá owns and operates a modern and highly efficient power source which produces electricity and heat from various types of fuel - natural gas and brown coal mined in the Czech Republic. C-Energy Planá s.r.o. boasts a highly flexible technology which enables it to provide a broad range of ancillary services for the operator of the grid operator and to supply its customers with heat at stable and favourable prices. The sucessfully completed project of complex ecoklogization and renovation of the plant during which the following was installed in the plant: two new coal boilers with a desulphurisation unit, a gas boiler and four gas motors with HRSG boilers, has been continued with other projects which focus on emission reduction and on increasing production efficiency. C-Energy Planá plans to extend its technical capacities by a photovoltaic power plant with a large-capacity battery which will be the largest in the Czech Republic. The company has been taking steps to extend its heat and electricity distribution network.  

+10,5 MWe
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