New technologies in C-Energy Planá

The purpose of the complex renovation of the heating plant in Planá nad Lužnicí was to construct a variable power source which would enable us to produce electricity and heat from various types of fuel concurrently. The plant can produce heat and electricity in gas cogeneration units and a spare gas boiler; beside that there are two new brown coal boilers with new technology with fluid technology features. The total installed power output has been increased from the original 46,5 MWe to approx. 57 MWe. The total installed heat output was on the other hand reduced from the original 191.7 MWt (in coal) to 109,9 MWt ( 65.8 MWt in coal and 43,89 MWt in gas). 

The new equipment has increased the efficiency of the plant significantly; total power production in the coal part of the source can exceed 60% - depending on the amount of supplied heat; the gas part of the plant can be efficient 84%. The implemented project has improved the ecological status of the plant. SO2 and NOx emissions were reduced significantly. Coal boiler flue gas is purified in a new desulphurisation unit. Emissions of the new source are at approximately 50% of the original values. 


+10,5 MWe
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