Energy for sustainable future

emission reductions from 2012
90 MW
total electrical power
900 tis. GJ
heat supplied per year

A strong group

C-Energy Planá provides a stable supply of affordable heat to residents and businesses in the Tábor – Sezimovo Ústí – Planá nad Lužnicí conurbation. At the same time, it is also a key provider of ancillary services to the Czech transmission system operator.

C-Energy Planá is a member of the C-Energy Group, a group of energy companies that is engaged in the operation and development of green and highly efficient energy production facilities. The C-Energy Group’s mission is to be a trendsetter in the use of modern and environmentally friendly technologies in energy production. Starting in 2012, the group has therefore invested more than CZK 2 billion in the modernisation of the Planá nad Lužnicí CHP plant, and today it is one of the most modern facilities for energy production in the CEE region.


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A clean source of energy

In 2015, a complete rebuild and modernisation of the C-Energy CHP plant in Planá nad Lužnicí was successfully finished. The previous CHP facility was converted into a variable plant, allowing the simultaneous production of heat and power from a variety of fuels. This modernisation also substantially reduced CO2, SO2 and particulate matter emissions.


The flue gases from the coal-fired boilers are now cleaned in a new desulphurisation unit using wet scrubbing technology, and the exhaust gases from the gas engines are treated using a modern catalytic technique. Emissions of particulate matter and SO2 from the new plant are 90% lower than from the original facility, and NOx emissions have fallen by around 80% from their 2012 level.


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Modern technology

The total installed capacity of the C-Energy Planá CHP plant is 90 MWe. Thanks to our battery storage facility we are one of the few power plants in the Czech Republic that have black start capability, to restore operation after a complete blackout on the power grid.

C-Energy Planá is a variable plant that allows the simultaneous production of power and heat from a variety of fuels – primarily natural gas in its cogeneration units (and if necessary also using a backup gas boiler) and domestic brown coal in state‑of‑the‑art grate boilers using elements of fluidised-bed technology, which also enable the combustion of biomass.

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