C-Energy profile

Over the more than 10 years since it acquired its Planá nad Lužnicí plant, C-Energy has built a reputation as an innovator in the power and heating industry. Since 2012, it has invested more than CZK 2 billion in turning the previous CHP facility into a key source of energy for the entire Tábor region. Implementation of advanced technologies and greening measures have led to a 90% cut in harmful emissions. Today, the plant is one of Central Europe’s most modern facilities, offering highly efficient combined heat and power production.

C-Energy supplies energy to the whole Tábor conurbation, provides system services to the energy system, and contributes to the energy security of the Czech Republic. Its Planá nad Lužnicí plant is the first in the country to completely phase out the combustion of coal, which will be entirely replaced with waste wood biomass already in 2022, cutting reported emissions by a further 91%.

The total installed capacity of the plant is over 105 MWe, and it also incorporates the Czech Republic’s largest battery storage facility, thanks to which C-Energy’s Planá nad Lužnicí plant is one of only a few in the country that can ensure power supply to its industrial customers even in a blackout, when the power grid fails completely.


C-Energy’s mission is to be a trendsetter in the use of modern and environmentally friendly technologies in energy production.

At our plants in Planá nad Lužnicí and Tábor, we use various sources to produce electrical power and heat for our customers, which we then reliably supply using our own distribution networks. Thanks to our flexible technology, which allows us to provide a wide range of ancillary services to the Czech transmission system operator, we can supply our customers with heat at prices that are stable and affordable long‑term.


Our priority is to ensure energy production that is sustainable long-term, based on the high efficiency of our plants. We are a leader in the implementation of new technologies that contribute to a sustained reduction in environmental impact. In 2016, our project for the complete renovation and greening of the Planá nad Lužnicí CHP plant won the Project of the Year award in a competition organised by the Czech CHP Industry Association.


We have strong ties to the Tábor region

The majority stake in the C-Energy Group is owned by Michal Šušák through his family foundation, with the remainder being held by Ivo Nejdl.

Michal Šušák in particular has strong personal ties to the Tábor region – he was born in Tábor and lived here until he left to study at the Prague University of Economics and Business. This is one of the reasons why the C-Energy Group is among the leading promoters of culture, sport and social projects in the Tábor region.


Michal Šušák was a key figure in the establishment of the capital market in the Czech Republic during the second half of the 1990s. Today, he is an investor and takes an active role in managing his capital projects in the energy and real estate sectors.

Ivo Nejdl also has extensive experience in energy investment projects. His previous roles include Chief Analyst at Raiffeisen Bank and managing a range of Lehman Brothers projects across several European markets.


Management of the C-Energy Planá CHP plant