Gala opening of the largest battery storage system in the Czech Republic

The largest Czech battery storage system in the Czech Republic was introduced in C-Energy on Friday 20th September 2019. The output of the system is 4MW and its capacity is 2.5 MWh. It is believed to bring a number of functions for C-Energy including increased flexibility of the existing generators. The event was attended by Karel Havlíček, Czech Minister of Industry and Trade, Stanislav Trávníček, the Chairman of the Energy Regulatory Office Board, Tomáš Hünner, Manager of Siemens Smart Infrastracture, Jan Fousek, Executive Manager of the Association for Accumulation and Batteries and a number of other guests.

C-Energy expects that the battery storage system will primarily be used to support the local electricity distribution system within the industrial zone in Planá nad Lužnicí. Another significant function of the system is its capability to provide the first voltage for black start of the power plant and subsequent insland operation. The battery will be charged from both - existing generators within the plant and from a recently built photovoltaic powerplant. 

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