20 / 12 / 2018

December 2018

C-Energy has recently published the 2019 heat and steam price list. The price list is available from the C-Energy website, section For customers - Price list. We are glad to announce that we have not changed the price since 2015 in spite of increasing prices of emission allowances! The company manages to retain such attractive prices due to variability of production equipment which C-Energy runs and due to a broad range of business activities.

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23 / 11 / 2018

November 2018

On 21st November 2018 C-Energy signed contract with BYTES Tábor s.r.o. on supplies of heat to the Nad Lužnicí housing estate and the Kopeček neighbourhood for the following 20 years. A number of newspapers and servers brought information about the tender result. The construction of heating pipeline to Planá nad Lužnicí continues. The pipeline will bring ecological and cheap heat to the town of Planá nad Lužnicí. Pipes are being laid behind houses in Nová Street and the construction company is also about to complete the pipeline tunnel under the railway.

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29 / 10 / 2018


C-Energy Planá has won the tender organized by BYTES Tábor for Supplies of heat to the Sídliště Nad Lužnicí and Ústecké Předměstí neighbourhoods in Tábor. As a result of that Tábor citizens will obtain not only cheaper heat but also heat produced in a significantly more ecological source. The town of Tábor, or specifically the town-owned company Bytes Tábor, will save at least CZK 11 million a year in heat supplies during the next twenty years, i.e. the total savings will be at least CZK 220 million during the twenty-year-long contract. The identified savings are based on the expected heat consumption and are calculated from the difference between the victorious offer submitted by C-Energy (CZK 405 per GJ) and the offer presented by the Tábor heating plant in this tender.

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24 / 10 / 2018

October 2018

Cold weather came at the end of September and along with that the heating season started. C-Energy acquired a new customer in October - the FMP Assets company. Trial operation was launched at this part of the distribution system. The pipeline will continue to the town of Planá nad Lužnicí and to the ELK company. Works are currently concentrated by the train station where a pipeline tunnel is being constructed.

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21 / 09 / 2018

September 2018

The weather at the beginning of September was very warm, therefore, the heating season has not started yet. Several important development projects have been worked on in C-Energy. The construction of the Heating Distribution System to Planá nad Lužnicí (see the attached photograph) started and in October 2018 the first new customer on this pipeline will be connected - the company FMP Assets, a.s. The pipeline will then continue towards the ELK company. The tender on electricity accumulation is about to end and a contract will be signed. Soon afterwards a tender on the construction of the photovoltaic power plant will be organized.

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17 / 08 / 2018

August 2018

Outage works have been in progress in August. Since production equipment in the plant is very varied, the outage does not influence supplies to customers. Scheduled maintenance was performed on coal boilers, FGD unit and the steam turbine. Gas engines are to be maintained during the second half of the month. At the end of the month the whole plant will be ready for the next winter.

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19 / 07 / 2018

July 2018

C-Energy Planá published a press release with information that its innovation scheme regarding the combination of turbine and battery operation will be made available to other power companies in the Czech Republic. Two visible changes took place on the premises of C-Energy Planá during the past few months - a new entrance directly from Průmyslová Street was opened and the water treatment building was pulled down.

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30 / 05 / 2018

May 2018

At the beginning of May C-Energy Planá signed a contract with Jindřich Lachout - MonTop company that will install a heating pipeline to Planá nad Lužnicí. The project includes the installation of 3.6 km of pipeline and construction of a new heat exchange station. The purpose of the project is to extend the central heating system and substitute local sources in several places in Planá nad Lužnicí and provide customers with an ecological and reliable source of heat at reasonable prices. The project is to be cofunded by the European Union, from the European Fund for Regional Development, within the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness.

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06 / 04 / 2018

April 2018

Children from the Rolnička school in Soběslav visited the heating plant in Planá nad Lužnicí at the end of March. They learned how heat and electricity are produced and as far as we were informed, they enjoyed the visit.

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08 / 03 / 2018

March 2018

The power source of C-Energy Planá helped to stabilize the electric transmission system in the Czech Republic on Friday 2nd March 2018.

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16 / 02 / 2018

February 2018

C-Energy Planá s.r.o. launched tenders for two significant projects - Photovoltaic Power Plant with Accumulation and Heating Pipeline to Planá nad Lužnicí. Both projects are to be implemented by mid-2019. Renovation of the office building was completed and office staff could finally move back to their renovated offices (see the picture).

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18 / 01 / 2018

January 2018

Development projects

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